Mother’s Day Treat






My 3rd mother’s day with my son, we went out to Downtown Seattle. Of course, the day turned into Håkon’s day rather than my day, which was just as fun for me. We had a great time at the Aquarium and he fell asleep as we went back to the car parked right next to Le Pichet, a French Bistro at Pike Place Market. It’s one of those places that I always think about going but never had a chance. Then I realized that Håkon was luckily out like a light… The place is small and not really for a good place to go with a 2 year old. I took it as a sign that we (my husband and I) had to go inside and enjoy ourselves with a cup of coffee and some French treats. It turned out to be the most romantic and relaxing date we had in a looong time. The food was great, the live music started and the little one was happily taking his nap! What a great Mother’s Day gift from Håkon.

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