Hello Again!

I’ve gotten so lost in the food world this year so far that I neglected this blog too long now. I have so much images to share here and I will very soon!


Seattleites Help Japan! – Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victim Relief Event

Seattleites Help Japan!

I am devastated by the recent natural disaster happened in my native country, Japan. I’m thankful that my family is okay, but I just can’t believe and face the fact that how many people are affected by this. I experienced a numerous amount of earthquakes, tornadoes and typhoons in Japan, but this is obviously way beyond what I can even imagine. I watch TV and hope to hear something positive, but mostly I hear negative things. I wish I could go back to Japan and do something directly to help the victims, but that’s just not realistic at the moment. I am hosting an event with friends to raise money here in Seattle because that’s the best I can do right now to help. Please join at this event if you are in Seattle and spread the words about it! Thank you.

Tasting at the Organic Table

I was invited to a tasting by the Organic Table last week here in Seattle. The Organic Table is a catering company, and we all know their sister restaurant Portage Bay Cafe if you live in Seattle.

I’ve photographed over 150 weddings and have a few ideas about good catering food. I highly recommend their service for anyone who’s looking for a caterer. The OT uses seasonal, organic products from locals. The food is fresh and tasty. The menu is current and interesting. The ladies in charge of the operation are such lovely people, you’ll be so happy to have them prepare and serve the food for your event. I think they are hosting another tasting in March. Please go to their website for more info.

I’ll be photographing their menu and will post some of the images shortly after.

Prints Displayed at Chiso Restaurant, Seattle

12 street photography images from my travel collection are being shown at Chiso Restaurant in Fremont Seattle. I went there last night to check out the display and had a lovely dinner with close friends and family. I was very happy with how it looked. I was even happier after having all the great food. The sushi is always excellent and fresh, definitely one of the best in town and beyond.

The prints will be displayed until the end of February or so. Make sure to stop by if you are in town, craving for some really good Japanese food!

Back from Prague

I spent about a month in Prague. Photographing in Prague was interesting because it’s such a major touristic place and yet I knew almost nothing of Czech culture before I went. I ended up taking way more photos than I expected. They will be posted, hopefully before Christmas!!! Happy Thanks Giving!

Andi and Karl – 8/28/2010

Once in a while, I come across a wedding which offers all kinds of interesting elements to make me get all excited about photographing a wedding.

Andi and Karl’s wedding was one such wedding. It had all the things that help make interesting images, e.g., tears, smiles, laughter, intensity, loving interaction, adorable kids, humor, interesting lighting, beautiful setting, great dress, etc…. I wasn’t overly conscious about creating good images. I just reacted to what struck me to photograph, just documenting what’s going on.

At the end of the day, it was such a feel-good kind of wedding. I’m very fortunate to have met another lovely couple and feel honored to have photographed their wedding. Congrats, Andi and Karl!

(Sorry about the rather ugly watermarks on the images…)